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Dr. Gaurav Rathore is an International experienced orthopaedic surgeon having 22+ years of experience in in the field of Knee, Hip, Ankle, Foot Joint Replacements and other orthopaedic treatments.

Offered Services

Orthopaedic 7 Service(s)
Total Knee Replacement
Hip Replacement Surgery
ACL Surgery
Rotator Cuff Tear
Frozen Shoulder
Recurrent Shoulder Dislocation and Instability
Total Foot Replacement


  • Senior orthopaedic surgeon additional director for Orthopaedics and joint replacement Magenta Clinic and Jaypee Hospital, Noida

    Dr. Gaurav Rathore is a senior orthopaedic surgeon and additional director for Orthopaedics and joint replacement at the Magenta Clinic and Jaypee Hospital, Noida.

  • Joint replacements (Orthopaedics) Wrightington Hospital

    He has nearly 22 years experience in Orthopaedics with 11 years in some of the best centres in the UK, including Wrightington hospital, England, the pioneering hospital for joint replacements in the world.

  • Orthopaedic Surgeon Sant Parmanand Hospital, Civil Lines
  • Orthopaedic Surgeon Fortis Escorts, Okhla
  • Orthopaedic Surgeon Fortis Hospital, Noida




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